Take a deep dive into a powerful risk rating solution at our upcoming webinar

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Take a deep dive into a powerful risk rating solution at our upcoming webinar

In September 2020, France-based shipping and logistics giant CMA CGM experienced a damaging ransomware attack. 

Hackers accessed the system of one of their shipping subsidiaries and disrupted e-commerce operations; and while the company shut down their core IT systems in response, the attack was devastating.

CMA CGM later disclosed that the cost of the attack amounted to $50 million. 

The attack was one of many that the supply chain and logistics industry suffered in 2020, highlighting how difficult the year has been. Since the pandemic inflicted its toll, hackers have been looking to take advantage of the chaos, attacking industries from finance and logistics to IT and telecommunications.

In this environment, taking steps to protect our network applications and infrastructure is imperative to keeping our data safe and reducing the likelihood of cyberattacks.

Here’s how our latest webinar will give you the insights you need to navigate this new normal.

Creating a secure network across your supply chain

Today, ensuring that all your vendors are maintaining the same, rigorous security standards is important to prevent cyberattacks. 

While this knowledge is by no means a surprise, it can prove challenging to ensure all your vendors are on the same page on an ongoing basis.

Even if one vendor maintains a secure infrastructure, another may be lagging behind, creating a weakness that hackers can exploit and use to compromise your systems.

Given the array of responsibilities and commitments CISOs and security teams are responsible for, how can businesses stay on top of each vendor’s security efforts and compliance?

Risk rating solutions in the modern security landscape

At our upcoming webinar, A deep dive into the RX platform, my goal is to explore how our risk rating platform can improve vendor security across the board.

With its powerful ability to equip you with an automated, quantitative representation of your security posture to augment third-party security and reduce the risk of successful cyberattacks, our tool poses immense value in the fragile ecosystem businesses find themselves operating in.

Technology capabilities, alone, will only take you so far, however. That’s why I will also do a quick dive into how tools like this need to work in tandem with your other security strategies, tools, and systems.

What will you gain from this webinar?

By saving your seat at our upcoming webinar, you will:

Identify how to evaluate your vendor environment effectively: Develop a deeper understanding of how our risk rating solution works and how it can help you create a more secure environment for you and your vendors and reduce the likelihood of ransomware and phishing attacks compromising your system. 

Unpack the complexity of vendor risk management: Third-party risks are a huge part of the industry, and knowing how to mitigate them is important to our overall security needs. At our webinar, we will address the fundamentals of vendor risk management to give you an understanding of how you can secure your environment and monitor your systems far more effectively.

I will also explore how our system monitors your vendor network, allowing you to respond more effectively in the event of an attack.  

Improve your cybersecurity posture in a risk-driven environment: At our webinar, I will unpack the modern security requirements you need to incorporate into your posture to create a more secure network infrastructure across your organisation and supply chain. 

My focus will be on what this looks like at a time where cyberattacks across every industry are at an all-time high.

Save your seat at our upcoming webinar

With A deep dive into the RX platform, my goal is to unpack just how complex the contemporary cybersecurity landscape is and help you explore the business and security value of the right risk rating solution.

To strengthen vendor security and prevent cyberattacks from compromising your security infrastructure, you need the right technology. That’s exactly what I introduce you to at our upcoming webinar.

Join Crayson Jenkins and me on Tuesday, 29th June 2021 at 11:00 AM BST. Click here to save your seat.