WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENT: Navigating the cybersecurity challenges of an expanding digital ecosystem

WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENT Navigating the cybersecurity challenges of an expanding digital ecosystem RiskXchange The leader in Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

In today’s climate, no organisation can achieve the ultimate cybersecurity protection in-silo.

This element of your operations has become critical in the ever-expanding digital ecosystem. Attacks that threaten a single organisation do not stop there; these have the potential to spread to other organisations, especially partner enterprises, and may even affect the entire industry in a catastrophic turn of events.

As more and more of the physical world moves to the cloud, businesses find themselves in the face of greater opportunities – and greater risks.

In this context, what is the role cybersecurity risk ratings and vendor management tactics play? Continue reading to find out more about how our webinar will help you understand the risks and challenges of an expanding digital ecosystem and help you prepare for the future.

Understand the expanding digital ecosystem

Leaders are starting to wake up to a reality where their collaborative efforts should also focus on enhancing and improving industry-level cybersecurity.

According to Accenture, ‘87% of business and IT executives agree that to be truly resilient, organisations must rethink their approaches to security in a way that defends not just themselves, but their ecosystem.’

This ecosystem – the digital future towards which we are moving to – refers to the interconnected web of organisations, which are expanding within the collaborative digital future and environment that are becoming critical parts of business delivery.

Cybersecurity, in this new digital world, is no longer about just defending your organisation from identified threats, but also creating a risk-free environment for the industry to operate in. We will explore the unique challenges associated with this at our webinar.

Discover the role cybersecurity ratings and vendor management tactics play

A description of the strength of the organisation’s cybersecurity posture against a standardised rating system can become an asset to organisations.

Given that companies now have to grapple with the responsibility of leveraging information security controls and ensuring continued security performance, a powerful rating system reassures your customers and partners that their data is held securely.

Moreover, while internal security is taken seriously, organisations often overlook the task of ensuring that vendors are making the same effort to operate securely. The risk posed by third parties and subcontractors is one that is problematic across all industries.

Third-party contractors should be considered as part of your first line of defence. Regardless of the methods you adopt to manage vendors, you must be aware of the risks involved in interacting with certain businesses without having a robust system of due diligence in place.

At our webinar, we help you explore these security tactics.

Overcome security challenges with a robust cybersecurity strategy

A good cybersecurity strategy goes a long way in protecting your organisation from the cybersecurity challenges associated with an expanding digital ecosystem.

These strategies are designed to maximise the security and resilience of your business. It establishes a set of objectives and protocols, which are designed to keep your teams safe.

In the last few years, the risks involved in the digital sphere have greatly increased – something we will discuss in our webinar – given the increase of cloud computing and mobile devices.

With a good strategy, you will be prepared for the worst-case scenario. This helps you maintain a more proactive approach to security, as opposed to a reactive approach, which would make you vulnerable to external attacks.

A well-rounded strategy will include elements like penetration testing and security vulnerability scans, for instance, which help your organisation maintain good cyber hygiene and keep you risk-free.

Navigate cybersecurity challenges effectively with the insights from our webinar

Understanding the risks ahead and the adoption of the right strategies will help your organisation navigate the challenges of the hyper-digital landscape we find ourselves in.

In this context, the application and implementation of best practices may be a challenge for certain companies – especially smaller businesses.

At our webinar, we help you understand the specific challenges your business will face and explore how risk rating solutions and VRM will help you navigate these, regardless of how big or small your teams are.

Save your seat for further insights on the risks and opportunities ahead.