RiskXchange Central: a cybersecurity community for boosting industry expertise and resilience

RiskXchange Central a cybersecurity community for boosting industry expertise and resilience RiskXchange The leader in Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

Cybersecurity does not and cannot stop for anything—it is an ongoing effort. The evolving nature of cyber threats makes it critical for organisations to educate, implement, and encourage employees to follow cyber best practices.

The new trends in IoT, social media, and BYOD have made businesses more susceptible to cyber threats. Today, business leaders need to focus more of their time and resources on cybersecurity. With a 31% increase in cybercrime and over £6.2 million in losses, the recent pandemic also reminded businesses in the UK why greater focus in this area is required.

Businesses use many technical and information solutions to position their business for resilience. While technology is necessary for addressing cyber threats, it cannot work independently. Complementary factors like policy guidelines, knowledge sharing, and user awareness need to be prioritised.

Even with the latest technology and compliance guidelines fulfilled, cybercriminals always seem to have the tools and knowledge to bypass these efforts. This is evidence that we need to explore other ways of strengthening our cyber defences.

In an attempt to do just that, here at RiskXchange, we’re launching a community for security and privacy professionals to learn, connect, share, innovate, and thrive.

RiskXchange Central will be a hub where professionals can elevate their skills and knowledge.

It will allow the global security industry to collaborate meaningfully to achieve better outcomes at a business and industry level.

A collaborative approach to solving cybersecurity challenges

The more people there are working on a problem, with a broader data set and context, the better the outcome is for everyone.

That is why we believe developing a cybersecurity community will support a more collaborative approach to cybersecurity.

Every security expert will agree that data is the single most important factor when it comes to their security efforts. The challenge is acquiring this knowledge. Only then can security professionals be more efficient with their time, reach security maturity sooner, and leverage the right solutions more effectively.

When we draw from the lessons learned and best practices of more than one organisation, we can act sooner using the latest insights and technology. Our community will support you with just that—a collaborative approach to cybersecurity challenges.

A community to advance the industry and help professionals thrive

Our aim with RiskXchange Central is to bring the global security community together to learn, innovate, and thrive.

We want to create a platform for committed, like-minded professionals to learn and grow. We also want to support them by helping them build connections with leading experts and navigate the evolving and complex security ecosystem.

When you join our community, you gain access to our resources, events, solutions, and experts. To put that in context, you can:

  • Be the first to find out about the latest developments in the industry
  • Access FREE resources like posts, podcasts, whitepapers, and videos from thought leaders
  • Improve your security knowledge and skills with expert support
  • Explore and leverage our cyber risk rating solutions
  • Engage on our forum and hear from experts
  • Get support from various resource persons in the industry
  • Access member-exclusive mentorship programmes

Join RiskXchange Central and explore the future of the cybersecurity industry

We welcome you to become part of RiskXchange Central and join our community building and knowledge sharing hub to add value to the work you do.

To find out more about what our cybersecurity hub is about, get in touch with our team.

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