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RiskXchange - Why attack surface management is important

Why attack surface management is important

RiskXchange can narrow your attack surface and prevent threats. Attack surface management (ASM) is now one of the most important ...
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data privacy

Rethinking data privacy in the new normal

Data privacy is a raging topic of discussion both on a corporate level and on a personal level. It’s difficult ...
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cyber risk analysis

How to plan an advanced cyber risk analysis

In the current business landscape, data is power. As more businesses turn to digital systems to store their data, data ...
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What is the new cybersecurity executive order and how to make sure you are complying with it

RiskXchange provides compliance with Biden’s Executive Order with a specific focus on the private sector. President Joe Biden has ...
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integrated risk management platform

Why you need an integrated risk management platform

Every organisation is vulnerable to unique risks. What may pose a huge risk to some may not be as pervasive ...
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cyber risk management

Establishing the business case for cyber risk management

A business is never static; it is in constant evolution and growth. Similarities that it shares with the cyber landscape ...
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Why cybersecurity is important

RiskXchange can pinpoint threats and improve your organisation’s entire cybersecurity program.  In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is THE most important part of protecting your data and private ...
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Take a deep dive into a powerful risk rating solution at our upcoming webinar

Take a deep dive into a powerful risk rating solution at our upcoming webinar In September 2020, France-based shipping and ...
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Supply chain cyber risk

The role of CISOs in mitigating supply chain cyber risk

RiskXchange is a respected provider of cybersecurity ratings and can fully assess potential threats to ensure businesses are protected on ...
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