Reinforcing attack surface security during business growth

You’d be hard-pressed to find a business whose goals don’t include growth in some form of way. Growth presents itself ...
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traditional compliance risk assessment in 2021

Trends shaping the traditional compliance risk assessment in 2021

In today’s tumultuous global landscape and complex regulatory environment, compliance is the one reliable way organisations can make sure the ...
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All you need to know about ransomware attacks

RiskXchange can regularly monitor and mitigate risks to prevent unnecessary exposures. Ransomware attacks have been in the news quite a ...
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Develop a deeper understanding of cyber risk using financial quantification

RiskXchange not only delivers a comprehensive financial quantification analysis but can also continuously monitor security programs. To improve security within ...
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How to tell the difference between inherent risk and residual risk

RiskXchange can fully monitor internal and third-party attack surfaces to minimise risk. In today’s digital era, organisations of all sizes ...
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The case for automation in compliance mapping

RiskXchange is one of the firms leading the fight against cybercrime. Due to the increase of cybercrime, compliance documentation processes are becoming ...
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RiskXchange - Why attack surface management is important

Why attack surface management is important

RiskXchange can narrow your attack surface and prevent threats. Attack surface management (ASM) is now one of the most important ...
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data privacy

Rethinking data privacy in the new normal

Data privacy is a raging topic of discussion both on a corporate level and on a personal level. It’s difficult ...
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cyber risk analysis

How to plan an advanced cyber risk analysis

In the current business landscape, data is power. As more businesses turn to digital systems to store their data, data ...
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