Why cybersecurity is important

RiskXchange can pinpoint threats and improve your organisation’s entire cybersecurity program.  In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is THE most important part of protecting your data and private information. Cybersecurity protects all categories of data from damage to theft, and also helps build a wall of defence around an organisation’s entire network or system. Personally identifiable information (PII), data, protected health information (PHI), intellectual property, personal information, sensitive data, and governmental and industry information systems all come within the cybersecurity protection zone.   Without … Read More

How security ratings can help underwrite cyber insurance

In light of the increasing number of data breaches in recent years, cyber insurance is growing in popularity to help protect organisations, individuals and other bodies should an attack take place. In order for insurance companies to accurately underwrite their cyber risk policies, security ratings are an essential measure for coming up with their pricing strategies and to reduce risk … Read More

All you need to know before securing your enterprise a cyber liability insurance policy

Insurance providers leverage RiskXchange when underwriting cyber insurance policies for their customers. Businesses around the world and spanning all industries rely on technology and the internet to carry out the bulk of their operations. As a result of this new age of digitisation and cloud-based operating, organisations have opened themselves up to many cybersecurity challenges. As data breaches become commonplace so does the … Read More