Leveraging the common vulnerabilities and exposures database to strengthen cybersecurity posture

As organisations across finance, healthcare, and logistics continue to transfer their operations to cloud-based applications, it raises concerns about third-party vendor attacks. Cyber attacks via third parties and vendors have been on the rise in recent years. Research shows over 1,767 reported data breaches in 2021, and experts claim that this number will go up within the next few years. … Read More

How has supplier due diligence responded to modern supply chain threats

On 2nd July 2021, Kaseya found their data stolen and held for ransom. Those who perpetrated the ransomware attack demanded over $70 million in payment to release the data, but the exposure of over 1500 of their clients to a potential ransomware attack was even more concerning for Kaseya.  An investigation into the attack revealed that there was a vulnerability … Read More

Cybersecurity Risk Rating Solutions

What metrics do you need to consider when assessing your cyber risk with a cybersecurity risk rating solution? Businesses are transforming their supply chain processes by shifting their processes online. Digitising the supply chain has allowed companies to operate during a volatile time. Despite the benefits, this development has raised concerns about cyber risk.  Supply chain cyber attacks are expected … Read More

The cruciality of Digital Risk Protection in today’s digital world

RiskXchange can help protect an organisation from cyber threats during digital transformation. As technology evolves at a rapid rate, businesses must adapt to these changes at an equally fast pace. With these new technologies comes risk which can open up organisations to digital threats. These threats can sometimes come from the untested nature of cutting-edge technology while others are simply associated with the learning curve of users within an organisation.   The average cost of … Read More

Dealing with a growing digital attack surface: How to avoid and minimise your risk

RiskXchange has full visibility over your ecosystem’s entire attack surface in near real-time. It has never been as important as it is now to beef up your cybersecurity measures. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated as time goes by and adapt to the latest technological updates in the blink of an eye. Digital attack surfaces are expanding and so are the risks.   Organisations are losing the fight to cybercriminals whose damage is unfortunately reaching … Read More

What President Biden’s executive order means for supply chain cybersecurity

RiskXchange is one of the firms leading the fight against cybercrime and uses data-driven insights to prevent supply chain data breaches.  The Biden-Harris administration recently outlined actions to address supply chain disruption in America caused by the pandemic and to decrease reliance on other countries to focus on domestic production. By strengthening American supply chains, the White House felt that it would promote economic security, national security, and good-paying, union jobs at home.  The current administration … Read More

What we can learn from the Codecov supply chain attack

Codecov supply chain attack

None of us are strangers to news of cyberattacks and security incidents that have financially staggering repercussions and those that cause significant reputational damage.  Recently, however, news of Codecov’s supply chain attack—one that remained undetected for months until it was far too late—represents a dangerous turn in the recent spate of attacks that includes the SolarWinds breach. With a network … Read More

Reinforcing attack surface security during business growth

You’d be hard-pressed to find a business whose goals don’t include growth in some form of way.  Growth presents itself in many ways, whether you are expanding your infrastructure, your team, or breaking into new markets. Growth is inevitable and necessary for surviving in the current global business landscape.  The only way to ensure that this growth is sustainable is … Read More