What are open ports?

What are open ports

Ports are a fundamental part of the internet’s communication model. All communication on the internet is exchanged via ports. Every IP address contains two kinds of ports, TCP and UDP ports, and there can be up to 65,535 of each for any given IP address.   Any service that uses the internet (web pages, web browsers and file transfer services) rely … Read More

What is Data Exfiltration?

What is data exfiltration

Data exfiltration is a type of security breach that occurs when a company or individual’s data is retrieved, transferred, or copied from a server or computer without authorisation. Cybercriminals are usually responsible for data exfiltration by stealing data from corporate or personal devices, such as mobile phones or computers, using various data exfiltration attack methods.  Another definition of data exfiltration … Read More

What are botnets?

What are botnets

Continuous monitoring by cybersecurity firms like RiskXchange highlights vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to prevent a botnet attack.     What are botnets? In short, a botnet is a group of internet-connected devices (IoT) that are infected by malware and used for cyberattacks by cybercriminals. They tend to be under the control of one attacking party, the “bot-herder.” Each machine under the … Read More

How to find the right cybersecurity tools for your organisation

How to find the right cybersecurity tools

Choosing the right tools for cybersecurity will have a significant impact on your organisation’s ability to respond to risks.  Cybersecurity tools are designed to protect organisations from cybercrime and/or malicious attacks. Tools for cybersecurity can either be proactive or reactive. In layman’s terms, this means that they can either help your organisation reduce cyber risk or, on the other hand, … Read More

Cyber security certifications – which one to choose?

Which Cyber security certifications to choose?

Cyber security certification programs come in many guises. They typically tend to serve two main purposes. The first use is to train entry-level workers to use specific technologies and tools. The second comes in the form of professional certifications which provide a way for more seasoned IT professionals to verify and prove their skills.   Professional certifications play a key role … Read More

Types of cybercrime and how to protect yourself from each 

Types of cybercrime

Instances of cybercrime are climbing – costing organisations trillions of dollars annually. Worse still, the more society relies on technology and digital solutions, the larger the attack surface for cybercriminals to exploit. This means that it’s vital for organisations to maintain an awareness of the different types of cybercrime they’re susceptible to so they can implement the optimal cybersecurity infrastructure … Read More

Cybersecurity in healthcare best practices

Cybersecurity in healthcare best practices

Healthcare has evolved into a system where nearly everything is connected through digital technologies to improve the way services are delivered to patients.   The pandemic has accelerated how data and processes are used, forcing the world to adapt rapidly to this change. However, healthcare’s ability to protect patient privacy in this new digital age is questionable, hence the need for … Read More

Cybersecurity Statistics You Should Know In 2022

Cybersecurity Statistics 2022

With cyberattacks liable to occur at any time, coming in so many guises, and constantly evolving – the cybersecurity industry has to move quickly. Consequently, for organisations and individuals alike, keeping up with the latest statistics of cybersecurity trends can be overwhelming.  In response to this, we’ve compiled some of the most important cybersecurity statistics to know by the end … Read More

Types of threat actors and dangers of each one

Types of threat actors

For your organisation to implement the optimal information security infrastructure, controls, and policies, it not only has to account for the various cyberattacks it faces but the types of threat actors who could carry them out too, to avoid costly breaches.   Let’s get a closer look into different threat actors types and discover how dangerous each of them is. Threat … Read More