Webinar announcement: Integrating procurement procedures to complete third-party security

ird-party security

In a security landscape in which our networks, especially the supply chain, are facing increased risks, many businesses are scrambling to adopt the latest third-party security best practices. Today, procurement is the bedrock on which many organisations operate. In an era of comparative advantage, business survival hinges on our cooperation with external parties that streamline the work we do.  What’s … Read More

Take a deep dive into a powerful risk rating solution at our upcoming webinar

Take a deep dive into a powerful risk rating solution at our upcoming webinar In September 2020, France-based shipping and logistics giant CMA CGM experienced a damaging ransomware attack.  Hackers accessed the system of one of their shipping subsidiaries and disrupted e-commerce operations; and while the company shut down their core IT systems in response, the attack was devastating. CMA … Read More

WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENT: The pressing costs of non-compliance

Accounts of data breaches are hardly news these days and that, itself, is a cause for concern. While we can’t stop this volley of attacks, we need to remain alert. The risk of taking cyberattacks for granted is that we also run the risk of taking them less seriously. This is why the UK government is now policing the need … Read More

Webinar announcement: UK Insurance Industry Cyber Risk Assessment Report 2021

Digitalisation and the adoption of remote work are not new concepts in any industry. As much as these changes have provided a common ground for growth and innovation, they have also added new risks. One risk that is never far from headlines is that relating to collective cybersecurity. Whether it’s a market-enforced necessity or the effects of the pandemic at … Read More

RiskXchange CEO Darren Craig Addresses Attack Surface, Vulnerabilities & Cybersecurity

We have developed an innovative way to reduce an attack surface and allow organisations to manage them at the same time. At RiskXchange, computer attack surface and the vulnerabilities associated with it are the greatest cybersecurity concern we encounter.  Your attack surface is continually growing and is the window a cyberterrorist can use to gain access to sensitive data. Recent … Read More