Cloud Data Management – Transferring Data Securely and Preventing Accidental Exposure

What is a Roundtable Discussion?

It’s an exclusive online event where we invite security experts to be our guests and share their knowledge on the topic. It’s a live discussion; all attendees are encouraged to ask our guests questions in the comment section in real-time.

For this Roundtable, we invited data experts from WCKD RZR to discuss cloud data management, cloud migration and the security risks that come with it.

During this Roundtable, we will discuss:

  • The risks of  cloud migration;
  • Current trends in cloud data management;
  • Mistakes people make is setting up their cloud data and how to avoid them;
  • How to manage public cloud security risks;
  • And much more!
Cloud data management

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January 11th, 2023  | 11:00 am GMT  |  45 minutes + Q&A


What will this Roundtable help you with?

The webinar will allow you to:

Understand and be prepared for the key risks that come with migrating to cloud
Avoid common mistakes when setting up your data in the cloud
Find out about the emerging cyber threats in a cloud landscape and what you can do to mitigate them
Get an advice on cloud data management from the experts in their field

Meet our speakers for this Roundtable


Darren Craig, RiskXchange

A cybersecurity expert with 20+ years in the industry and the CEO of RiskXchange, Darren founded RiskXchange to help companies of all sizes reduce third-party security risks by providing an easy-to-use real-time security risk rating platform. 


Chuck Teixeira, WCKD RZR

An expert in data management, Chuck is the CEO and founder of WCKD RZR, helping companies to find, govern and access their valuable data.


Jonathan Farina, WCKD RZR

An expert in data analytics, Jonathan is a Chief Technology Officer at WCKD RZR.