UK central government launches cybersecurity strategy to protect public services from cyberattacks

2nd February 2022


With the UK becoming the third most targeted country for cyberattacks, the government has launched the first-ever cybersecurity strategy to protect public services.

Backed by £37.8 million in funding, the strategy will boost the cyber resilience of local government functions, prevent data theft, and ensure that services are not disrupted.

The new strategy will include several new initiatives such as:

– A new Government Cyber Coordination Centre (GCCC) to better coordinate cybersecurity efforts across the public sector.

– A more detailed assurance regime to assess the cybersecurity standards of different departments to give the central government a complete picture of cyber health.

– A new project in partnership with small businesses and academia to reduce government risk.

– A deeper understanding of the growing risk to supply chains providing private goods and services to government systems.

– A new vulnerability reporting service allowing people to report any weaknesses in digital services.

Why is the new strategy critical for the UK?

The strategy was launched due to a rising number of cyberattacks on public infrastructure.

For example, out of the 777 incidents reported to the National Cyber Security Centre between September 2020 and August 2021, around 40% were aimed at the public sector.

This new strategy aims to reduce cyber exposure and improve resilience in the public sector. It is part of a larger initiative from the UK government to bring cybersecurity into the public consciousness.

This plan is part of a wider scheme by the UK to become a global cyber power. A few months ago, the government called on all industries to level up the cybersecurity standards across the country, by expanding offensive and defensive cyber capabilities, and digitising supply chains.

Creating a more secure public infrastructure in the UK

With critical industries such as finance and healthcare at constant risk of suffering a cyberattack, accounting for cybersecurity at a national level is vital to ensure the continued stability of public services.

The plan that was launched recently is the first strategy of its kind that seeks to incorporate cybersecurity at a governmental level and position it as an integral part of public service operations. This is a testimony to the growing importance of cybersecurity and how supply chains are taking a turn for the digital.