What is SOC 2? 

What is SOC 2 and SOC 2 compliance?

Why SOC 2 compliance is important for protecting sensitive data and building customer trust   SOC 2 (Systems and Organisations Controls 2) is a comprehensive reporting framework used for the assessment and subsequent testing of controls relating to the Trust Services Criteria (TSC) of security. It’s basically a set of compliance requirements outlining what companies should adhere to when using cloud-based … Read More

What is the real cost of a data breach? 

What is the real cost of data breach? 

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Hackers are well-funded, better organised, and more sophisticated in their methods. Not only are they causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage to businesses around the world but are reaping the rewards of a rather lucrative hacking enterprise.   Security teams are doing everything they can to prevent their companies from falling under attack, but malicious … Read More

What are the 5 steps in operational security? 

5 steps in operational security

Operational security (OPSEC), or procedural security as it’s also known, is a risk management process that managers use to view operations from an adversary perspective to protect sensitive and private information from falling into the hands of hackers.  OPSEC, originally created by the military to ensure a sufficient level of security surrounds their systems, is now becoming a useful staple … Read More

Who is targeted by ransomware? 

Who is targeted by ransomware

Ransomware is now commonplace within many industries around the world. Over the past three years, especially during the pandemic, ransomware attacks have increased in many different sectors including government, healthcare, education, professional services, and manufacturing.  According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report 2021, America experienced an unprecedented increase in cyber-attacks and malicious cyber activity during 2021. These cyber-attacks compromised businesses … Read More

Why use compliance monitoring as a part of your cybersecurity program? 

Use compliance monitoring as a part of your cybersecurity program

Compliance monitoring is a key part of any cybersecurity program. It is a continuous process used to ensure staff are following procedures and policies put in place to protect company assets. Regulatory compliance monitoring is key to spotting potential issues in any organisation’s function or operations. However, it is now becoming extremely difficult for companies around the world to meet their regulatory … Read More

What is a common indicator of a phishing attempt?

What is a common indicator of a phishing attempt

A phishing attack is a social engineering method where an attacker sends a fraudulent email or message designed to trick a person into revealing private or personal information. Another method could see a hacker deploy malicious software onto a victim’s infrastructure, such as ransomware. But the burning question you might ask is, what is a common indicator of a phishing attempt? … Read More