Definition of impersonation – online safety

definition of impersonation online

Definition of impersonation Online impersonation is when a malicious actor steals someone’s online identity in order to cause damage – financial or reputational, or by intimidating, harassing, or threatening their victim. They can come in the guise of a disgruntled partner, former colleague, an enemy you’ve made along the way or by someone you don’t even know who wishes to … Read More

What is the impact of cyber security on procurement?

impact of cyber security on procurement

The procurement process needs additional technological resources to ensure appropriate risk mitigation Up-to-date procurement processes include various technologies in order to streamline internal business operations. Companies use either enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms or less sophisticated software, but what stands out most is that more and more digital tools are being used to manage procurement.   As an organisation adds e-procurement … Read More

What are the cloud security challenges in 2022?

Cloud computing cloud security challenges

Taking a closer look at the main cloud security challenges, issues and threats found in 2022 As organisations right around the world switch their operations over to cloud computing, the security implications that come with it intensify. IT teams are now locked in a race to come up with the latest and best cloud security solutions to ensure that their organisations … Read More