Improve Attack Surface Visibility To Secure Your Data

Expand your attack surface management with the right risk rating platform to secure your data and reduce attacks

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Improve Attack Surface Visibility To Secure Your Data

Expand your attack surface management with the right risk rating platform to secure your data and reduce attacks

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Secure your attack surface

Are you struggling to improve attack surface visibility management? With your company incorporating both on-premise and cloud-based systems, managing internet inventory is becoming increasingly difficult.

Lack of proper oversight exposes your system to cyber risks which pose a risk to systems and proprietary data.

With the right solution, you can survey your attack surface more effectively and detect anomalies easily to reduce the incidences of cyber-attacks and improve data security.

A vendor risk rating solution can help you improve oversight into your attack surface and improve your security posture over a vast network.

Monitor attack surface visibility with RiskXchange

    RiskXchange is the world’s only 360-degree, risk-rated platform to help you survey your attack surface across on-premise and cloud-based systems.

    The system improves attack surface oversight by giving you insight into your internet assets and who is accessing them.

    Collect the latest data on your internet assets: Compile and centralise data on your internet assets by collecting data from different data sources such as DNS blocks, domain registrars, and honeypots. Unlike other platforms, we refresh our system every 24 hours.

    Create an intelligent risk-rated inventory: The RiskXchange platform compiles an inventory of all your internet assets by drawing from different sources such as DNS records and domain registrars to improve attack oversight.

    Identify and categorise security risks: Assess your attack surface, identify security risks, and categorise them based on different factors to discover weaknesses in your security infrastructure and address them before they are exploited.

    Track digital footprints across your vendor infrastructure: Track who has been accessing your vendor across your cloud and on-premise systems. Augment attack surface management by tracing all users to the parts of the system they have been exploring.

    Want more information? Check out our page on managing your attack surface for more reasons.

    How our free demo can helpg

    • Security Ratings - Use our risk-rating solution to get a holistic view of your cybersecurity.

    • Discover - Quickly discover vulnerabilities and software bugs in your infrastructure.

    • Extend - Expand cybersecurity to include vendor-risk management and remote devices.

    • Access - Access valuable cybersecurity data and report in a UX-friendly framework.
    • Why use RX to monitor your attack surface

      With the RiskXchange platform, you can:
      • Gain better oversight into your vendor attack surface
      • Enforce vendor security policies more effectively across on-premise and cloud systems
      • Maximise efficiency and ROI on security infrastructure
      • Reduce cyber breaches and risks that compromise vendor security

      Looking to improve vendor attack surface management? Scroll down for more information.

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        What our clients have to say about us

        Find out what our clients have to say about our cybersecurity products.

        “We are thrilled with the RiskXchange solution. Ensuring that our third-party supply chain is secure is of paramount importance to us and whereas it used to take weeks and in some cases months to complete lengthy third-party vendor assessments, it now takes us hours. The RiskXchange platform has helped us to streamline the process, saving valuable time and money, which we can re-invest into helping people in need.

        The Automated Security Ratings and Assessments solution that RiskXchange provides helps us facilitate sometimes tricky security analysis with our suppliers, making it an integral part of our vendor risk management program.”
        Miguel Fiallos, CIO at the Salvation Army
        “RiskXchange enables us to gain enterprise-level insight into our cyber security risk and identify areas for remediation. We were able to rapidly implement and configure the RiskXchange platform and establish essential policies and procedures as the foundation of a greatly improved cyber security posture.”
        Alain Cain, Head of Information Security at Rail Delivery Group.

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