Improve vendor risk management to guard against third-party attacks

Improve vendor risk management to guard against third-party attacks

Gain a comprehensive overview of your vendor infrastructure to assess your vendors and better protect your data

Gain a comprehensive overview of your vendor infrastructure to assess your vendors and better protect your data

Addressing the challenges of effective vendor risk management

Having trouble with effective vendor risk management?

With more than half of cyber attacks taking place through insecure third parties, finding a solution that can help you oversee your network infrastructure can protect you from millions of pounds in losses.

But securing your infrastructure is challenging because it is difficult to determine which vendors meet security standards and which do not, especially when several vendors and partners can access your system in real-time.

RiskXchange can help you resolve this problem and secure your infrastructure from cyber attacks via vulnerable third parties.

Stronger risk management with RiskXchange

Our vendor risk rating platform gives you a 360-degree view of your attack surface so you can improve oversight into your infrastructure and improve vendor risk management. Our solution can:
Improve attack surface management:
Improve third-party monitoring with better insights into your vendor’s internet assets.
Trace your digital footprint:
Monitor all activities taking place in your infrastructure, including your vendor's.
Assess your vendor’s security:
Get a quantitative score on your vendor’s security standards through our platform.
Determine your critical exposures:
Categorise your weaknesses in security domains to address them accordingly.
Automate key cybersecurity functions:
Create alerts for new anomalies and automate cyber risk management for safety.
Real-time alert system:
The RiskXchange platform has a real-time alert system that will alert you to cyberattacks and anomalies.
Want to know which of your vendors and suppliers have acceptable security standards and which do not?

You can get a free, quantitative assessment of your vendor’s security. Click on the link below to sign up!
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What our clients say about us

Find out what our clients have to say about our cybersecurity products!

“We are thrilled with the RiskXchange solution. Ensuring that our third-party supply chain is secure is of paramount importance to us and whereas it used to take weeks and in some cases months to complete lengthy third-party vendor assessments, it now takes us hours. The RiskXchange platform has helped us to streamline the process, saving valuable time and money, which we can re-invest into helping people in need.

The Automated Security Ratings and Assessments solution that RiskXchange provides helps us facilitate sometimes tricky security analysis with our suppliers, making it an integral part of our vendor risk management program.”
Miguel Fiallos, CIO at the Salvation Army
“RiskXchange enables us to gain enterprise-level insight into our cyber security risk and identify areas for remediation. We were able to rapidly implement and configure the RiskXchange platform and establish essential policies and procedures as the foundation of a greatly improved cyber security posture.”
Alain Cain, Head of Information Security at Rail Delivery Group.


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