Professional Cybersecurity Services by RiskXchange

RiskXchange offers a wide range of security services alongside the RiskXchange Platform to help your organisation build the best cybersecurity plan.

Third-party Risk Managed Service

The RiskXchange managed service takes the pain away from recruiting, growing and maintaining a cyber security team within your business or acts as a support mechanism for exiting understaffed teams.

RiskXchange will help you identify where you require additional support and where we can add value to your existing cyber security team and that of your third-party suppliers. We currently support many global organisations with this service, covering these areas:

  • Third-party vendors onboarding;
  • Working with third-party suppliers to get visibility into their cyber posture and security maturity;
  • Suggesting potential remediation approaches to identified vulnerabilities & exploits;
  • Cover security maturity assessments (plus additional compliance-based assessments).

    We ensure that assessments are completed on time, working with third-party suppliers to provide insight into the assessments and help provide clarity and background to the questions being asked.

Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Programme Gap Analysis

RiskXchange offers a comprehensive Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Programme Gap Analysis service. This service is designed to assess and identify any gaps in your current approach to managing cyber risks associated with third-party vendors.

Our team of experts will thoroughly evaluate your existing third-party risk management processes, policies, and technologies against best practice standards, delivering a detailed analysis and actionable recommendations. 


RiskXchange’s CyberSec-as-a-Service is a holistic solution for managing cyber security across the complete enterprise as well as your supply chain.

Whether you are looking for industry-specific advice, support to set up your cyber security programs, wanto become cyber security essentials compliant or need some help in developing your cyber security strategy, we are here to help you! Everything is in one place. Let our cyber security experts become an extension of your in-house IT teams – we are your one-stop cyber security team that works around the clock to make sure you are and remain cyber secure.

RiskXchange Soutions

Some of the services provided within the RiskXchange CyberSec-as-a-Service offering:

Crown Jewels Risk Assessment 

Security Risk Assessment

Phishing Assessment

Business Transformation Assessment

Penetration Testing

Application Security Review

Cyberattack Readiness Check

Cyber Incident Response Planning

PCI DSS Compliance

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 Gap Analysis

In an increasingly digitalised world, the security of sensitive information is paramount. RiskXchange Services offers a comprehensive ISO 27001 Gap Analysis service, essential for organisations aiming to align with the ISO 27001 standard, the global benchmark for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

RiskXchange's ISO 27001 Gap Analysis is a specialised consultancy service that evaluates your organisation's information security management practices against ISO 27001 standards. This analysis identifies areas of improvement, guiding your journey toward full compliance.

ISO 27001 QuickStart Consultancy for Small Businesses

RiskXchange Services offers the ISO 27001 QuickStart Consultancy, specifically designed for small businesses. This service provides an expedited, comprehensive pathway to ISO 27001 certification, the international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). 

ISO 27001 QuickStart is an exclusive consultancy service from RiskXchange tailored for small businesses with fewer than 20 employees. This programme simplifies and accelerates the process of achieving ISO 27001 certification, ensuring that even small-scale operations can establish a robust ISMS quickly and efficiently. 



Our Privacy-as-a-Service solution combines the best of both worlds: support from privacy experts plus a web-based Security and Privacy Integrated platform. We help you stay on the right side of data privacy regulations anywhere around the globe.

Some of the areas we can support you include:

  • Building an understanding of which privacy regulations impact your organisation;
  • Keeping your projects on track without running into compliance blockers in the future;
  • Helping you recognise what information you can collect from your customers and users;
  • Advising with how you can prove compliance to investors or business partners;
  • Assessing which third-party tools are GDPR compliant;
  • Helping you identify privacy risks or gaps that you may be unaware of.

Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) Regulation Compliance Analysis

RiskXchange provides a specialised DORA Regulation Compliance Analysis, designed to ensure that financial entities meet the stringent requirements of this regulatory framework. This service is vital for institutions aiming to safeguard their operational resilience in the digital age. 

Our DORA Regulation Compliance Analysis is a comprehensive assessment service tailored to evaluate your organisation's alignment with the DORA regulations. This analysis identifies areas of non-compliance and provides strategic recommendations to enhance digital resilience and adherence to regulations. 

Penetration Testing

RiskXchange’s Penetration Testing service offers a comprehensive and strategic approach to identify and mitigate cyber threats against your IT infrastructure. By employing simulated cyberattacks, our team of experts assesses the resilience of your systems, ensuring your cybersecurity measures are robust and effective. 

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