360° Security Risk Ratings

The RiskXchange platform makes it easy to gain a security rating, collaborate and reduce risk with any company worldwide.


RiskXchange quantifies and proactively helps you mitigate cyber risk across your entire third-party and fourth-party ecosystem by delivering real-time continuous risk ratings and analysis using our advanced risk quantification methods.

Our methods are enriched with a wide range of public, private cyber and business intelligence. Providing you and your vendors with the collaboration tools and actionable information needed to manage cyber risk and compliance across your combined digital ecosystem.

Some of the benefits of the platform include:

Identification of cyber risk across your third-party vendor ecosystem

Identify the cyber risk posed by your third and fourth parties by analysing their entire attack surface and surrounding supporting technology ecosystems.

Business-level and deep technical reporting and dashboards 

Produce executive level or deep technical reports on demand when needed by your organisation’s management or technical teams.

Systemic and resilience cyber risk analysis

Discover third-party and fourth-party vendor systemic or resilience risks across your combined ecosystems.

Actionable security intelligence

We make it easy to mitigate cyber risk across your third-party and fourth-party vendor ecosystem by providing validated, actionable intelligence, making it easier for your technical teams to address the root cause in the fastest time possible.

Automated alert system

Receive automated alerts that integrate with your existing workflows, alerting you to new misconfiguration issues, security vulnerabilities, cybersquatting, leaked corporate credentials or mentions of your company and your vendors across the dark web.

Integrated collaboration

Collaborate with other enterprises and third-party vendors using our integrated workflows that enable you to share and discuss best practices, security or compliance issues.

Fast deployment

Our solution enables you to deliver your Vendor Risk Management (VRM) program in the quickest time possible, by delivering an outsourced, automated and efficient workflow with tried and tested process that delivers a rock-solid VRM assurance program.

Fast onboarding and vendor risk scoring

Discover and acquire new vendors quicker by accessing instant risk ratings that provide you with the insights you need to make qualified business risk decisions during the new vendor acquisition stage.

Best-in-class intelligence

Our data is sourced from a wide range of sources which include both technical and business-level intelligence.

This means we can deliver the most qualified, validated, and accurate IT risk and relevant business intelligence information, helping you to stay ahead of threats.

Flexible deployment models

Our flexible deployment models enable you to fully integrate the platform into your own infrastructure both on-premise in the cloud or solely via a SaaS-based solution.

Be flexibility and access the RiskXchange platform in a way that works for your organisation.

Workflow integration

Customise and configure the platform to meet your existing organisational workflows and process.

Gain maximum value from the RiskXchange platform in the quickest time possible and deliver a strong ROI for your organisation.

Risk prioritisation

Prioritise the risk by potential impact, as well as within organisational teams and departments.

Secure your digital ecosystem with RiskXchange security risk ratings

Gain insight into risks and vulnerabilities that threaten your business and stakeholders with our integrated risk management platform.