Are you taking advantage of a cybersecurity maturity model?

RiskXchange helps organisations all over the world monitor and strengthen their cybersecurity processes regularly. A cybersecurity maturity model provides a pathway for organisations to assess where they are, periodically. This can be a valuable tool for improving the company’s entire cybersecurity efforts, as well as for communicating with upper management and pinpointing exactly what support is required. Information security can … Read More

The top 10 most-targeted security vulnerabilities

Despite patches having been around for many years now, businesses are still not protecting themselves against some of the most basic security vulnerabilities. What’s more, some of these vulnerabilities have been around for a long time but often go unchecked by leading organisations worldwide.  The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the FBI recently advised IT security professionals at … Read More

Reducing Cyber Risk and Improving Email Deliverability by using SPF and DKIM

RiskXchange reduces the threat of cyber-attacks and improves email security and deliverability. Cybercrime is fast-becoming a major problem. Reducing the threat of cyberattacks and improving email security and deliverability is now the number one priority for leading organisations worldwide. At the core of any cyber defence is the improvement of email security and protecting the system against spam, phishing campaigns … Read More

How Security Risk Ratings from RiskXchange can help you manage Cyber Hygiene

Cyber hygiene incorporates a set of practices for managing the most common data security risks faced by organisations today. The aim is to identify and mitigate the common root causes responsible for pervasive cybersecurity threats, including data breaches and malware viruses. Practicing cyber hygiene is worth it, making it much harder for hackers to succeed in infiltrating your system and … Read More

Online security awareness for those working or locked down at home

With more and more of us either working from home or being forced into a coronavirus lockdown, the number of people connecting online has increased ten-fold. But don’t be fooled into thinking that by working from the privacy of your own home that your network is equally as safe and secure. Working from home not only leaves your personal information … Read More