Examples of Real-Life Data Breaches Caused by Insider Threats

Real-Life Data Breaches Caused by Insider Threat Examples

In organisations of all sizes, there are often a large number of employees that know the ins and outs of a company’s cybersecurity tools and infrastructure. This is the reason behind thousands of inadvertent and malicious insider attacks conducted around the world each month which can lead to real threat data breaches and substantial financial losses. Insider threats can cause … Read More

The Importance of Ethical Hacking: Maintaining Integrity in Cyber Security

The Importance of Ethical Hacking for Cyber Security

Most people have heard of hacking, but what about ethical hacking? Internet users are unaware of the good that ethical hackers and ethical hacking can actually do. With the right technical skillset and knowledge base, ethical hackers can help society in ways almost impossible to imagine. Ethical hacking has a crucial role to play in the safety and security of … Read More

How to Create a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan?

How to Create a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan?

Cybersecurity incidents are becoming an almost everyday occurrence. No entity is immune. Small, medium, and large businesses have all fallen victim to some type of cyber incident in recent times.   According to cybersecurity statistics, during the first quarter of 2023, more than six million data records were exposed worldwide through data breaches. Since the first quarter of 2020, the highest … Read More

9 Ways to Leverage Cyber Threat Intelligence

9 Ways to Leverage Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence is data that is collected, analysed, and processed to understand a malicious actor’s attack behaviours, motives, and targets. Cyber threat intelligence allows IT security specialists to make quicker, more informed cybersecurity decisions and changes the response from reactive to proactive in the fight against cybercrime.  Why is Cyber Threat Intelligence Important?      In the ever evolving digital world, threat … Read More

What Can Malicious Code Do?

What can malicious code do

With there are thought to be over a billion strains of malicious code in existence – and over 500,000 new forms detected every day, companies must make protection against malicious code a top priority. However, strategies for mitigating the effects of malicious code have to constantly evolve to combat their growing variety and the ever-increasing damage they can cause.      So, … Read More

7 Benefits of Dynamic Malware Analysis

Benefits of Dynamic Malware Analysis

Malware analysis is the process of understanding the purpose and behaviour of a suspicious file, website, server, or application. The analysis output helps with the detection, reduction and/or mitigation of potential threats.   Malware analysis is a key process that ensures overall computer and cyber security as well as the security and safety of an organisation’s digital assets. Malware analysis not only … Read More

Why is cyber security for financial services so important?

Importance of cyber security for financial services

With the vast amounts of money and sensitive data they possess, financial services companies are one of the most common targets for cybercriminals.   Worse, because of the highly lucrative opportunities for theft, fraud, and extortion, financial institutions attract the most competent, experienced, and motivated cybercriminals, including organised cybercriminal syndicates that employ the most sophisticated and diverse tools and techniques, making … Read More

What is cyber risk modeling

Cyber risk modeling - why it's important

As malicious actors continue refining their attack methods, the average cost of a data breach is rising. Consequently, companies must devise cyber risk mitigation strategies and implement the required security controls to better protect their networks and infrastructure with an appropriate sense of urgency.   Unfortunately, the technical nature of cyber security means that IT personnel often have difficulty accurately conveying … Read More

What is technology risk management?

Technology risk management guide

Technology risk management demands careful attention and a comprehensive plan. RiskXchange can deliver both.  Almost every business today relies upon technology to function. The use of computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, and the internet, have created a technological foundation upon which businesses are built. This, however, opens up some major technological risks and where technology risk management comes in handy.  … Read More