Importance of Attack Surface Mangement (ASM)

RiskXchange - Why attack surface management is important

RiskXchange can narrow your attack surface and prevent threats. Attack surface management (ASM) is now one of the most important elements of digital defence in the world today. Business leaders, digital defenders and external cybersecurity firms are prioritising ASM to ensure security is at an optimum. Not only does it provide tighter security for your entire business but helps to … Read More

How to plan an advanced cyber risk analysis

cyber risk analysis

In the current business landscape, data means power. As more businesses turn to digital systems to store their data, data security measures grow insufficient.  Protecting your data is a high priority for many, and there is no shortage of concerns. As digital systems become more integrated with our everyday lives and businesses, we’ve come to recognise that a multi-faceted approach … Read More

Why you need an integrated risk management platform

integrated risk management platform

Every organisation is vulnerable to unique risks. What may pose a huge risk to some may not be as pervasive of a threat to others. Because a threat has not yet emerged as one, however, doesn’t mean it won’t pose a threat in the future. This approach to business security may seem like a constant state of alarm, and that’s because … Read More

Establishing the business case for cyber risk management

cyber risk management

A business is never static; it is in constant evolution and growth. Similarities that it shares with the cyber landscape. By now, in a world that has become more accustomed to the rapid development of new technology and one that is more aware of the risks that plague the industry, cyber risk management has become a necessity.  A necessity that has, … Read More