What are botnets?

What are botnets

Continuous monitoring by cybersecurity firms like RiskXchange highlights vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to prevent a botnet attack.     What are botnets? In short, a botnet is a group of internet-connected devices (IoT) that are infected by malware and used for cyberattacks by cybercriminals. They tend to be under the control of one attacking party, the “bot-herder.” Each machine under the … Read More

Types of cybercrime and how to protect yourself from each 

Types of cybercrime

Instances of cybercrime are climbing – costing organisations trillions of dollars annually. Worse still, the more society relies on technology and digital solutions, the larger the attack surface for cybercriminals to exploit. This means that it’s vital for organisations to maintain an awareness of the different types of cybercrime they’re susceptible to so they can implement the optimal cybersecurity infrastructure … Read More

Types of threat actors and dangers of each one

Types of threat actors

For your organisation to implement the optimal information security infrastructure, controls, and policies, it not only has to account for the various cyberattacks it faces but the types of threat actors who could carry them out too, to avoid costly breaches.   Let’s get a closer look into different threat actors types and discover how dangerous each of them is. Threat … Read More

How malware has evolved over time 

How malware has evolved over time 

One of the key reasons that organisations of all sizes can’t take their cybersecurity for granted is that nothing stays still for long. The methods that cybercriminals use to breach organisations’ defences and steal or compromise their sensitive data constantly evolve and grow increasingly sophisticated – and this is especially true of malware. To understand how to protect yourself from cyber … Read More

Social engineering attacks: What is a whaling attack?

RiskXchange Protecting Your Company From A Whaling Attack RiskXchange The leader in Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

In 2016, FACC CEO Walter Stephen fell victim to a whaling attack where fraudsters used his credentials to authorise a substantial cash transfer that cost the corporation over $56 million.  In the same year, a prominent Seagate executive suffered a similar data breach, exposing employees’ W-2 forms. Over 10,000 current and former Seagate workers had sensitive information, such as their … Read More

How can you protect your operations from a domain hijacking attack?

RiskXchange How To Prevent Domain Hijacking Attacks RiskXchange The leader in Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

In 2014, the owner of the website domain MLA.com lost all their traffic and transactions overnight because its domain name was hijacked and all visitors were redirected to a fabricated website.  In addition to lost traffic, they also lost all administrative access to the website—next to nothing could be done to resolve the issue.  While the owner eventually recovered access, … Read More