What are the cloud security challenges in 2022?

Cloud computing cloud security challenges

Taking a closer look at the main cloud security challenges, issues and threats found in 2022 As organisations right around the world switch their operations over to cloud computing, the security implications that come with it intensify. IT teams are now locked in a race to come up with the latest and best cloud security solutions to ensure that their organisations … Read More

What is the real cost of a data breach? 

What is the real cost of data breach? 

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Hackers are well-funded, better organised, and more sophisticated in their methods. Not only are they causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage to businesses around the world but are reaping the rewards of a rather lucrative hacking enterprise.   Security teams are doing everything they can to prevent their companies from falling under attack, but malicious … Read More

How to define sensitive data and the means of protecting it 

Define sensitive data and how to protect it

What is sensitive data, how do you define it and how to protect it A report revealed that in 2021, sensitive data was the most common target in data breaches. For example, 65% of all sensitive data incidents involve social security numbers (SSN), and 41% of incidents to personal health information because they are valuable targets.   Moreover, most data breaches occur … Read More

How to protect personally identifiable information from a cyber breach 

How to protect personally identifiable information

In recent years, personally identifiable information (PII) such as social security numbers, medical history, and banking details have become a high priority target for cybercriminals. For example, There were 1.4 million reported ID theft incidents in 2020, as opposed to 650,000 incidents in 2019.  Driven by the prospect of high prices on the dark web and security vulnerabilities prevalent in … Read More

What is a zero trust security model?

RiskXchange RiskXchange The leader in Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

RiskXchange comes up with innovative solutions to everyday problems experienced at the hands of hackers. Principal Analyst of Forrester Research, John Kindervag founded the zero trust security model in 2010. The model, also known as perimeterless security, describes an approach to the design and implementation of IT systems. The zero trust concept is based around “never trust, always verify,” which means devices should … Read More

Rethinking data privacy in the new normal


Data privacy is a raging topic of discussion both on a corporate level and on a personal level.  It’s difficult to believe that any organisation operating in the current market has not thought about data security and protection measures—even the smallest entity. Despite the knowledge we hold about the vulnerability of our data and how it can be used, however, … Read More