What to consider when selecting a third party risk management framework

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In March 2021, the Volkswagen Group of America learnt that one of its vendors left unsecured data online, exposing contact information and social security numbers of over 3.3 million customers. The attack severely damaged the brand’s reputation because over 97% of the victims were Audi customers and interested buyers. The cyberattack encapsulates the problem most companies face today—discerning which vendors … Read More

Vendor risk tiering and 3 Reasons to use it for effective vendor risk management

Vendor Risk Tiering for effective Vendor risk management

A survey revealed that only 34% of companies are confident that they can track vendor logins, while over 37% can track the vendors accessing their system—an indication that vendor security standards are fluctuating. What role does the vendor risk tiering play in all that? Given that businesses interact with over 180 vendors a week, it is understandable that organisations may have … Read More