What is a Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM)?

Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM) Guide

What is a Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM)?  While the term “supply chain” traditionally conjures up images of raw materials, production lines, haulage trucks and cargo ships, in the information age, an organisation must also consider its digital supply chain.   A supply chain can be defined as the resources, people, and processes that a company uses to deliver its … Read More

How to Build a Third Party Risk Management Strategy

How to Build a Third Party Risk Management Strategy

The best way to manage third-party cyber risks is through effective third-party risk management (TPRM). TPRM focuses on identifying and reducing third-party risks from vendors, partners, suppliers, contractors, or service providers.  Third-party risk management gives organisations of any size a thorough understanding of how third parties are used and what safeguards they have in place. TPRM programs are dependent on … Read More

How to reduce security risks in supply chain 

How to reduce security risks in supply chain 

In today’s interconnected world, organisations not only have to contend with threats to their own cybersecurity, but they also have to be concerned about attacks on their supply chain as well. Supply chain risk can significantly increase an organisation’s attack surface – and the bigger the supply chain network, the more opportunities there are for a malicious actor to access … Read More

Top tips on how to manage vendors more efficiently

tips on how to manage vendors more efficiently

Vendor management allows organisations to build relationships with service providers and suppliers while controlling costs, driving excellence and mitigating risks. The aim is not only to gain increased value from vendors throughout the lifecycle of the partnership but to strengthen both businesses at the same time.   To effectively manage vendors, it’s not about negotiating the lowest possible price but constantly working … Read More

Digital Supply Chain – what is it, and how do you protect it?

Digital supply chain

New technologies enable businesses to provide the platform for a thoroughly modern supply chain – the digital supply chain. A digital supply chain includes the process of delivering a digital asset from the point of origin to its destination. In today’s technological world, a digital supply chain spans the entire operations of most organisations.   A digital supply chain utilises advanced technologies … Read More

Why is cybersecurity important? Taking proactive cybersecurity measures.

Why is cybersecurity important? Taking proactive cybersecurity measures

What proactive cybersecurity measures you can take to protect your supply chain To understand why is cybersecurity important, we have to take a look at a recent survey, conducted by Gartner. During a recent Executive Advisory Board meeting at Gartner, highly-acclaimed research and advisory firm specialising in cybersecurity amongst other things, one of its members highlighted that while their team is quite … Read More

Okta cyber security attack: Supply chain attacks on the rise

Okta cyber attack: cloud security Supply chain attacks

Analysing Okta cyber attack and what you should do if your business has been affected Organisations that use Okta to provide access to their networks have been affected by a cyberattack conducted by the hacking group Lapsus$. Okta said that in a worst-case scenario, 366 of its clients had been compromised and their “data may have been viewed or acted … Read More

How a cyber ecosystem works – your protection against a supply chain attack

Cyber ecosystem - your Supply chain attack protection

A cyber ecosystem is very much like a physical ecosystem. Within a cyber ecosystem, individuals, organisations, and external parties interact with one another to form one digital functioning unit. Your organisation remains at the heart of this ecosystem and will be joined by other entities surrounding it, such as suppliers, vendors, and third or fourth parties. But in case of a supply chain … Read More

How to use NIST SP 800-61 guide to be better prepared for third-party risk

How to use NIST SP 800-61 guide for third-party risk?

As your business grows, so does its third-party ecosystem. But with growth comes a greater sense of responsibility which entails increasing cybersecurity measures and protecting your company against cyberattacks. Ensuring your organisation’s cyber defences are at an optimal level is paramount in today’s digital age to protect against technology outages, credential and data exposures, denial-of-service attacks, ransomware, and other threats. Here … Read More