How to ensure vendor security in a hybrid working environment

vendor security in a hybrid working environment

The pandemic has seen our lives shift from the office to home, bringing new nightmares for IT security heads. The work-from-home culture has created new challenges for businesses as they see their attack surface expand and their cybersecurity needs intensify. How do you ensure your vendor security in a hybrid working environment is still intact? According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report, in 2020, cybercrime … Read More

How has supplier due diligence responded to modern supply chain threats?

supplier due diligence

With the European Union forecasting that this year will see a four-fold increase in software supply chain attacks in 2021, compared to last year, vendor security has become an enormously important priority for almost every business this year. On the heels of cybersecurity incidents like the SolarWinds breach and the Codecov cyberattack, we need to relook at our processes; all … Read More

What we can learn from the Codecov breach case

Codecov breach case

None of us are strangers to news of cyberattacks and security incidents that have financially staggering repercussions and those that cause significant reputational damage.  Recently, however, news of Codecov breach, a supply chain attack, one that remained undetected for months until it was far too late — represents a dangerous turn in the recent spate of attacks that includes the … Read More

The role of CISOs in mitigating supply chain cyber risk

Supply chain cyber risk

RiskXchange is a respected provider of cybersecurity ratings and can fully assess potential threats to ensure businesses are protected on all fronts.  CISOs (Chief Information Security Officer) are crucial when it comes to mitigating supply chain cyber risk in any medium to large-sized organisation. The infamous 2020 SolarWinds attack underlined the need for CISOs to adopt tighter security measures within corporations right … Read More