Third party vendor risk management for financial institutions

Augment third-party vendor risk management to improve cyber hygiene and prevent third-party breaches
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Third party vendor risk management for financial institutions

Augment third-party vendor risk management to improve cyber hygiene and prevent third-party breaches

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  • Security Ratings - Use our risk-rating solution to get a holistic view of your cybersecurity.

  • Discover - Quickly discover vulnerabilities and software bugs in your infrastructure.

  • Extend - Expand cybersecurity to include vendor-risk management and remote devices.

  • Access - Access valuable cybersecurity data and report in a UX-friendly framework.

Improve cyber hygiene to secure your data

The finance industry is the most targeted industry for vendor attacks because of the value of financial data and overreliance on third-party vendors, and legacy systems that increase the chance of a successful attack.

However, with the RiskXchange third party vendor risk management solution, you can improve cyber hygiene standards and prevent third-party breaches.

Our solution is the only 360-degree vendor risk management solution where your vendor's security practices can be assessed and attack surface management can be improved to create a secure network infrastructure that reduces data breaches and meets compliance demands.

Scroll down to learn more about improving third party vendor risk management for financial institutions.

      Improve third-party risk assessment to reduce cyber attacks

      Continuously assess your vendors to make sure you are following the best cybersecurity practices. Our vendor risk rating solution can help you assess the security standards of your third-party vendors.

      The platform will assess vendor security practices and give a final score that accurately reflects your vendor's current security standards, which, for easy analysis, is divided into different categories based on risk levels. Use the information to raise your concerns with vendors to remediate the situation and improve cyber hygiene.

          Meet compliance regulatory requirements

          Make sure that you and your third-party vendors are meeting compliance requirements by asking the right questions and compiling useful information into an easy-to-understand report for business executives to ensure you are meeting compliance frameworks such as ISO 27001 and GDPR.

              Manage your attack surface better to gain visibility into your infrastructure

              Continuously manage your attack surface to prevent data breaches and information leakage. Discover and report a wide range of cybersecurity issues with our third-party vendor risk management solution.

              Monitor internet assets to give you complete visibility into everything you own, including IP addresses, domains, certificates, dark-web footprint, and potential cybersquatting.

                  Continuous monitoring with our third-party vendor risk management

                  Discover if your organisation is vulnerable to emerging or known security issues swiftly and identify loopholes in your infrastructure so you can take remedial action. Automate third-party vendor risk management processes to create alerts for new anomalies.

                      Case Study

                      Want to know how well our third-party vendor risk management platform can boost vendor security? Check out this case study on how the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) resolved their vendor security issues to protect data and meet compliance demands.

                      Check out the case study to learn more!
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