Understanding your Supplier & Technology Service provider
Cyber Security Risks

Do you know your Attack Surface? Have you identified all of your suppliers, including SaaS and technology providers? Most importantly, what Cyber Risks do they pose? 

In our new webinar, hosted in partnership with Ampliphae, we will answer all of these questions and help you better understand the cybersecurity risks and ways to mitigate them when it comes to your suppliers and technology providers. 

During this webinar, you will learn how to:  
  • identify SaaS usage across your organisation;
  • score the critical SaaS players from a cyber risk perspective;
  • group them by business function or criticality;
  • provide continuous monitoring across the attack surface of your supply chain.
Understanding your Supplier & Tech Service provider Cyber Security Risks webinar

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March 30th, 2022  | 10:00 am BST  |  30 minutes + Q&A


What will this webinar help you do?

The webinar will allow you to:

Gain a better understanding of your Attack Surface
Learn about SaaS Attack Trends
Understand the impact of a 3rd party breach on your Supply Chain
Learn how to better mitigate 3rd party Cyber Risks

Our speakers for the webinar

Crayson Jenkins

Crayson Jenkins, RiskXchange

The Vice President of Sales at RiskXchange, Crayson Jenkins is a veteran in the security industry. He has helped the world’s most prominent tech companies, like IBM, reach new levels of success using his in-depth knowledge and technical understanding of cybersecurity.


Derek Clydesdale, Ampliphae

Product Director at Ampliphae, Derek Clydesdale has over twenty years of experience assisting clients with Digital Transformation initiatives, helping customers with successful adoption of a "SaaS-first" approach to the adoption and governance of Software-as-a-Service.