Attack Surface Management

Reduce your organisation’s cyber risk by monitoring, tracking and mitigating risk across your attack surface around the clock.

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Some of the benefits of our ASM platform 

The Attack Surface Management platform continuously monitors the assets you have on the internet, and unlike others, we give you complete visibility into everything you own including IP addresses, domains, certificates and cloud assets. We also help you discover your dark-web footprint, potential cybersquatting, and leaked credentials.

We enable you to know your digital footprint so you can protect your global attack surface on-premise in the cloud and across your supply chain ecosystem.

Unlike others, we refresh your data every 24 hours from:

DNS records


Domain registrars


Business registration databases

Service provider information

And many other data sources to not only comprehensively discover, but also accurately identify your internet assets across your attack surface and that of your third-party supply chain.


How our free demo can help

  • Security Ratings - Use our risk-rating solution to get a holistic view of your cybersecurity.

  • Discover - Quickly discover vulnerabilities and software bugs in your infrastructure.

  • Extend - Expand cybersecurity to include vendor-risk management and remote devices.

  • Access - Access valuable cybersecurity data and report in a UX-friendly framework.