Compliance Solution

Due to the increase in complex industry-specific regulations and data protection laws, it’s never been as vital as it is now to stay on top of compliance monitoring.
Compliance monitoring solution
Lawmakers and regulators won’t hold back when imposing fines on organisations that cannot align their compliance and cybersecurity programs. Therefore, a compliance solution capable of continuously monitoring and assessing an organisation’s compliance posture is key to staying on top.

A single disruption or unmitigated cybersecurity vulnerability anywhere along the supplier network can quickly turn into a much larger issue, impacting share price, bottom-line profits and brand value.

Learn how the RiskXchange Vendor Risk Management solution helps streamline the global supplier cyber risk and compliance management processes with actionable insights that enhance business value.​

Benefits of Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Reduce the Risk of Regulatory Penalties​

A lot can happen between manual periodic point-in-time compliance assessments. Our cyber risk ratings and smart assessments are continuously updated, so you can ensure that your organisation maintains compliance between audits.​

Enhance Vendor Security Practices

Most organisations struggle with establishing effective vendor risk management practices because they deal with a vast ecosystem of vendors who must meet compliance standards. RiskXchange's compliance solution makes it easy to streamline the compliance monitoring process for all your vendors.

Automate Your Compliance Monitoring​

As human error accounts for roughly 95% of cybersecurity incidents, the need for automation of compliance monitoring has never been so important. Automation not only narrows the room for human error but reduces the time spent to complete mapping the contents to well-known frameworks and standards.​

Build Trust Among Your Stakeholders​

You build trust among your stakeholders when you avoid the legal risks of a non-compliance breach or reduce the likelihood of a cyberattack. Complying with PCI, HIPAA, and ISO regulations also empower your organisation with a certification, proving that your compliance and vendor security practices are up-to-date and trustworthy.​

Prevent Access to Sensitive Data​

Gain comprehensive continuous visibility of your digital footprint to identify and remediate any security vulnerabilities or issues before your customers' personal or financial data is compromised by attackers​.

Mobilise Your Collective Workforce to Practise Risk Management​

Hackers can infiltrate network infrastructure and disrupt your operations if one of your vendors' team members opens the wrong email and clicks the malicious link. Compliance monitoring can help you mobilise your workforce and vendors to enforce security more effectively.​

What our clients say

“RiskXchange has greatly enhanced our oversight of third-party cyber security and compliance. The platform allowed us to have meaningful and targeted discussions with our vendors on how they can improve their cyber security. The team at RiskXchange have provided expert advice and support and has been hands-on in helping us resolve issues.”
JAMES STAAB, Head of Compliance at Faraday

About Compliance Monitoring Solution

1. Vendor Compliance Monitoring

Invite vendors to collaborate around security and compliance issues free of charge. After accepting your invitation, vendors can view their RiskXchange Score, address any identified problems, securely exchange confidential information, and collaborate to reduce risk. ​

RiskXchange GDPR compliance monitoring

2. Smart security assessments​​

Leverage RiskXchange security assessments to streamline the exchange of compliance questionnaires instead of manually exchanging emails and spreadsheets. In combination with our ratings, smart assessments provide a 360° view of cyber risk and compliance across the entire organisation. ​

RiskXchange compliance monitoring solution

3. High-level compliance reporting

Easily share business-level risk information with executives to help them understand your company's cyber risk and compliance posture with intuitive high-level reporting and dashboards. Our reporting tools allow you to quickly produce the security and compliance data needed for those executive briefings.​
Improve attack surface management:
Improve third-party monitoring with better insights into your vendor’s internet assets.
Trace your digital footprint:
Monitor all activities taking place in your infrastructure, including your vendor's.
Assess your vendor’s security:
Get a quantitative score on your vendor’s security standards through our platform.
Determine your critical exposures:
Categorise your weaknesses in security domains to address them accordingly.
Automate key cybersecurity functions:
Create alerts for new anomalies and automate cyber risk management for safety.
Real-time alert system:
The RiskXchange platform has a real-time alert system that will alert you to cyberattacks and anomalies.
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