Digital Risk Protection with RiskXchange

Detect and resolve external threats before these wreak havoc on your system. Protect your brand and customers with the RiskXchange fully-integrated Digital Risk Protection platform.


Account Takeover Prevention

Attackers use leaked credentials data to take over employee's accounts with privileged access. These could be the accounts of board members, senior executives, developers, and systems administrators.

The RiskXchange Account Takeover Prevention system can detect and alert these corporate credential exposures to help protect the organisation and stop attackers using leaked credentials to gain entry into the company’s accounts and systems.

Impersonation Protection

Domain name cybersquatting is on the rise; fraudsters are using typosquatting to impersonate companies' brands to target and defraud their users and customers to harvest credentials or spread disinformation.

Keeping on top of these impersonators requires you to know when your brand is being impersonated. The RiskXchange Impersonation Protection system continuously monitors your domains and alerts you when your brand is being impersonated, allowing you to investigate and launch takedowns to prevent reputational damage, or loss of company information.

Dark Web Monitoring

Data exposure is inevitable. RiskXchange prevents your company from a data breach online by continuously monitoring a wide range of open, deep, dark web sources, including closed sources, used by attackers that target organisations.

The RiskXchange Dark Web Monitoring system delivers accurate, actionable and configurable alerts, that will empower your security team to stop attacks by identifying threats before they impact your business.
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Strengthen your defences with powerful Digital Risk Protection

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